Red Cedar Clinic Identity

Opioid addiction is a serious problem across the nation. And Red Cedar Clinic is taking the problem head-on. As the director of the clinic said in our initial discussions about their identity, opioid addiction will cause people to do things they never would've considered doing just to get their next fix.  Addiction grips people in such a way that their situation can feely utterly hopeless, like there's no way out. Hope is Here So we created an identity for the Red Cedar Clinic that is filled with hope. The logo mark which is like a sunburst, a bright spot or even the light at the end of a tunnel, communicates to potential clients that even though they may have hit rock bottom, there is a way out. "Hope is here" is not just Red Cedar Clinic's tagline, it's the core of their identity. We have also created business cards and we're working on a new website and there are several other components to their identity such as signage and printed marketing materials yet to come that will help further define their unique value proposition. With Red Cedar Clinic, there is hope. More Identity Examples

Integrated Time Sales Brochure

Integrated Time Sales Brochure Integrated Time systems provides workforce management solutions for a wide range of clients. We were challenged to create a brief sales brochure that would refresh their graphic identity and clearly communicate who they are and what they provide. We hope to give them a hand with their website next. More Identity Examples

STC Laboratories Identity and Website

In the mind of an entrepreneur there's always a spark of an idea. That's what STC Laboratories is all about, recognizing everyday problems and providing elegant solutions. From that spark, STC fashions a diamond, which is what their newly designed identity is meant to convey. The initial explosion of energy expressed in multiple facets to form not just an idea, but an execution of the idea in a beautiful way. We've also designed and developed a website and business card to help flesh out the STC Laboratories identity. More Identity Examples

Flairwood Identity

Flairwood specializes in cabinets and carts for the commercial, medical and educational industries. Having been around for more than 40 years, it was time to take them from the 1970s and bring them into this decade. We had the privilege of creating a new, clean, modern look that restores the competence to their identity that exhibit in their work. And we were able to further define that identity within a new business card, website, sales sheets and other marketing materials. You can discover more about Flairwood at More Identity Examples


Products that take two things and stick them together, that's what TITAN sells. Well, I suppose that's an oversimplification. They sell adhesive, bonding, and sealing products to trailer, RV and specialty vehicle manufacturers as well as the construction industry. Not only do they sell the products, they're experts when it comes to what they sell. When we got connected with TITAN, we quickly realized it was time to make their graphic identity match their level of expertise and competence. So after exploring several options, we landed on two overlapping triangles to represent the “two things coming together”. The result is a very strong, anvil-looking shape. The additional gradients on the edges of the triangles give the logo a bit of depth. And we chose thick, strong font that we customized for their word mark. Over the years, we have been able to expand the TITAN brand by designing business cards, sell sheets, 3-dimensional marketing pieces and trade show graphics as well as a few videos for use at the trade shows. More Identity Examples

Garden Marketplace Logo

There were several different routes we could've taken with the Garden Marketplace identity. The Garden Marketplace is a website where you can find unique garden supplies — anything from seeds and soil to spades and greenhouses. And you can purchase them year around. We finally settled on a shopping cart comprised of leaves and vines for their logo mark with a word mark that is set in a more traditional font. We wanted the mark to feel organic, warm and alive. Gardening is certainly on the upward trend. There's no telling how big the Garden Marketplace could grow. More Identity Examples

City Garden Identity

We're excited to see the City Garden brand blossom. The graphic identity development process was a long one with several twists and turns, but we're pleased with the end result. We wanted to communicate that this product enables you to have a garden in places where you can't usually have a garden. The three pack offered seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers as well as grow bags and growing medium. Developing colorways became a natural way to extend the brand into soil and fertilizer. More Identity Examples

PAKCheck Identity

This was a unique project. Designing a logo for a product is a pretty normal occurrence. But usually, the product exists. PAKCheck has been in it’s development phase for a while now, and it was finally time to give it some life. We were able to help with naming, identity development, website design and development and video production. We had to help them tell the PAKCheck story in a clear and efficient way. And if you don’t know what PAKCheck is, the video on their website should make it abundantly clear. You can see it by clicking here. More Identity Examples

American Vaccine Supply Identity and Website

American Vaccine Supply (AVS) is a buying group that pre-negotiates vaccines and wound dressings to give doctors access to lower prices. We constructed the logo mark with circles to represent the power of the group that comes together. The red circles reveal a cross, representing the medical care that results.We fleshed out their brand in their website as well as their online and PDF-fillable forms. With their brand promise being "simplicity", we designed both to be easy to navigate and easy to understand. More Identity Examples