Project Description

Red Cedar Clinic Horizontal Logo

Opioid addiction is a serious problem across the nation. And Red Cedar Clinic is taking the problem head-on. As the director of the clinic said in our initial discussions about their identity, opioid addiction will cause people to do things they never would’ve considered doing just to get their next fix. ¬†Addiction grips people in such a way that their situation can feely utterly hopeless, like there’s no way out.

Hope is Here

So we created an identity for the Red Cedar Clinic that is filled with hope. The logo mark which is like a sunburst, a bright spot or even the light at the end of a tunnel, communicates to potential clients that even though they may have hit rock bottom, there is a way out. “Hope is here” is not just Red Cedar Clinic’s tagline, it’s the core of their identity.

We have also created business cards and we’re working on a new website and there are several other components to their identity such as signage and printed marketing materials yet to come that will help further define their unique value proposition. With¬†Red Cedar Clinic, there is hope.

More Identity Examples